We get that not everyone works the same way, and everyone’s needs are unique so we offer private one on one training for all of our programs. Some people want more personal attention to focus on techniques, some want to accelerate their progress, some people feel more comfortable working privately, or maybe you’re prepping for a competition or an audition and you want to go that extra mile. Maybe you’re just that hardcore that you want to push your limits. We get that. We will give you our undivided attention and commitment to maximize progress and get the absolute most out of your sessions.

  • Brazilian Jiu jitsu

  • BJJ and conditioning hybrid ( BJJ and a Bootcamp)

  • Hiit

  • Boxing

  • Boxing and conditioning hybrid ( boxing bootcamp)

  • Youth fitness

  • Fight choreography and conditioning hybrid

  • Fight choreography for action demo

  • Industry prep( packaging and preparation / assistance with finding representation, may include finding material for self tape demo and filming it, headshots, documenting of additional skills, etc)

  • Audition coaching

  • Acting coaching for adults, teens and kids




Working privately with someone can be more intimidating but also more productive than working in groups. The trainer/trainee relationship is a very personal one. We put great care into selecting our instructors so they have a balance of being someone who drives and motivates you, but also makes you feel safe and that you are being trained by a person with extensive skill and expertise. The most important thing to us is that you feel personally addressed and that you are consistently moving towards your goals. 





David is the co-owner and lead instructor at 4Points BJJ, oh yeah and he’s a Black Belt. He’s taught in Montreal, Ottawa, Mexico and Dubai, and even opened a BJJ school in Africa. He is available for private BJJ training sessions. David is extremely technical and patient which is why he is so good at Jiu Jitsu. He teaches with a soft strength and a unique ability to identify, isolate and communicate the specifics that need adjustment. David creates a sense of safety and comfort allowing people to drop their guard and learn from his high level of expertise. If you want to advance faster, prep to compete or just pursue your passion one on one training with David will get you there.





Ayisha offers private acting coaching to students of the Action for Film Program to help them prepare for auditions, hone their skills, drill stunts or just get the edge in the game. In such a competitive industry it makes a huge difference in getting noticed and advancing your career. Ayisha is a world champion martial artist with years of experience as an instructor and a thriving career as an actress. She is known for her very effective direct yet caring approach to teaching. Inquire about private coaching with Ayisha. Availability many be limited  due to filming or travel.





Ryan Jamieson is a Boxing and Bootcamp instructor here at 4P. Ryans experience is simple; decades of boxing and Muay Thai. He works at your level and rises with you, his approach is basically that his classes run on good vibes and sweat. Ryan offers personal training in HIIT, Boxing and Boxing Conditioning (Cardio mixed with striking technique). Training with Ryan is great for fitness, striking technique and learning some self defense in the mix.