customized on premises programs

Because of its instinctive movements, playful game-like qualities, and efficiency as a form of self defense, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the fastest growing martial art and competetive sport in the world. Aside from a multitude of physical and practical benefits, the psychological and self development aspects are immeasurably valuable. Additionally, the complete absence of kicking and punching make it safe to practice daily for kids of all ages.

Are you interested in a program that is unique, builds character and teaches life skills to students or members of your organization?

4Points BJJ can build recreational or competitive programs ranging from 1 to 5 days a week, during class time, lunch time, or after school.

In school programs put a heavy focus on teamwork, leadership and anti-bullying.


Tell us about your goals, and let us build you the program you need.

Join us for a trial week of regular classes to get a feel for how we operate and what makes us different!

why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

BJJ philosophy places major value on perseverance, resilience and individual development while working in a team, remaining calm under pressure and self-awareness.


In addition to being a complete self defense system, BJJ builds the mind and character which improves confidence in all areas of life. BJJ was developed to allow a smaller, weaker opponent to defeat a larger, stronger, more aggressive opponent through technique as well as intelligent and strategic problem solving. Using principles of physics and building on character traits such as patience, humility, creativity and confidence, the smaller individual can turn their opponent’s strengths against them to immobilize them. Losing is welcomed in BJJ because of the opportunity for learning it provides.

Using energy efficiently, which entails the maintenance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, as well as the mindful patience to fight strategically, are key BJJ principles. The ability to push through discomfort and frustration, being highly adaptable and learning to constructively process perceived failure are some of the most desirable qualities developed by individuals who practice BJJ regularly.

BONUS: Our instructors speak English & French, Spanish & / or Portuguese


Safety & Bullying: Our Approach

Kids who have an intrinsic sense of self esteem and pride are less likely to be bullied OR become bullies. All of our programs are fundamentally built with this understanding in mind and we are very proud of the results: we build students who are strong, skilled, confident, noticeably gentle, helpful and kind in and out of training.

In order to optimize learning and ensure safety standards, we opt to build relationships with a smaller group of kids each cycle. This allows us to develop and maintain high behavioral standards. Following instructions and self control are required in order for each student to participate. We have found that enforcing these standards fosters a sense of pride in demonstrating these characteristics among students.

This sport is practiced exclusively when both parties are in uniform as well as in class. We also look to establish open communication with parents and teachers in order to ensure these standards are upheld.

We use a structured and adaptable curriculum, positive reinforcement, respect, fun and a sense of personal responsibility to foster your child's best qualities. We are committed to teaching valuable life skills like resilience and positive leadership while inspiring students to be the best versions of themselves in class and in life.



John Fisher Public School

DATES: Jan 15th 2019 - Mar 5th 2019 (8 weeks)

DAY & TIME: Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm


FEES: 160$

GRADES: 1-3 & 4-6



For a variety of reasons a uniform is mandatory for all of our kids program. Not only is it an active tool in the actual playing of the sport, but it draws a clear line in the child’s mind of when where and how BJJ is used:

  1. In class supervised by a BJJ coach (also in uniform),

  2. With TEAMMATES who also do BJJ

  3. While wearing a uniform

while it is not mandatory to use or buy one of our uniforms, we have provided a couple of options in case you are unable to provide one of your own:



Program director


4Points BJJ youth director Ayisha Issa is a Brazilian Top Team Brown Belt, 2-time IBJJF World Champion and award winning film and TV actress. She found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while looking to stay in shape and challenge herself. Soon after she started training in BJJ, she noticed a positive change in her self confidence and personal resilience that was spilling over into other areas of her life. Her ability to set, pursue and achieve goals, inspire others to connect with their personal strength and a sense of responsibility towards personal growth are all accredited in part to her regular practice of BJJ.

Ayisha combines her love of Jiu Jitsu with her affinity for youth development to help foster confidence, perseverance, leadership and other valuable qualities in young people. With a successful career as a film and television actress, Ayisha takes an animated and high energy approach to coaching and strikes a balance between firm and friendly when interacting with students. She wants your kids to discover and value their individual strengths and to stay focused on their personal goals…all while having fun and embracing the learning process.



4Points Kids Club takes the guess work our of registering for several programs each semester. Time is also saved driving from activity to activity. Pick up from school is available. Our groups are kept small so the quality of learning and personal development is high due to the individual attention each child receives.