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The self tape and audition prep portion of 4 Points Film & TV is being spearheaded by Amanda Lynn Petrin. She has been acting since she was a toddler, starting with commercials and after school theater programs, working her way to short films, webseries, TV shows and Feature Films. After completing her Bachelor Degree in Psychology and History, she dedicated herself to acting full-time, training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA), as well as with various teachers in Los Angeles, New York and here in Canada. She recently moved to Toronto from Montreal, where she worked as a professional reader for various casting directors, aiding hundreds of actors to deliver their best performances. It is her love of acting, as well as her experience on both sides of the casting table that give her the valuable insight to help develop the Film and TV program.



OUR services

Understanding the audition process is paramount to your success in this industry. Whether it is for a self-tape or an audition, you need to know how to win the room. These packages are designed to prepare for auditions, send in self tapes, or simply practice your auditioning skills with material you bring in, or that we can provide.You can get all the footage on your own device, or we can edit and upload your favorite take.


Intensive Prep Package:

This package is perfect for beginner and advanced actors who want to master the art of auditioning, or are looking for a more in-depth audition preparation. During this 180 minute session, you can choose to focus on whatever areas need the most attention in order to best prepare you for your audition, or master the self-tape.

  • Scene Analysis

  • Character breakdown

  • Goal Setting

  • Identifying Beats and Transitions

  • Running Lines and Rehearsal

  • Rocking the Slate

  • Putting it on Camera

  • Trying different things

  • Finding the Perfect Take

  • Editing and Uploading

(180 minutes) 120$


Prep and Shoot

During this 90 minute session, you can choose to focus on whatever areas need the most attention in order to best prepare you for your audition, or master the self-tape with the assistance of one of our Audition Specialists.

(90 minutes) 75$

Includes edit and upload of favorite take.



Let us know how we can help you make the best use of your 60 minutes. Actors who come prepared can shoot an average of 6-8 pages, based on their skills and experience. Newer actors may want to spend more time working on smaller auditions with additional guidance. Capture all of your work on your own device.

(60 minutes) 50$


Self-Tape Express

If you've done the work and just need a reader who will operate the camera, this is the option for you. In and out within 30 minutes, with multiple takes to choose from, all on your own device.

(30 minutes) 35$