Clubhouse boxing

NO COMMITMENT - no equipment - no excuses

PROGRAM STARTS September 10TH 2018




Clubhouse boxing is a high energy workout, that torches body fat, tones the whole body and teaches you some authentic boxing techniques at the same time. This boxing / fitness hybid program will teach you you the fundamentals of Olympic style boxing strengthen your core, and firm your gluts arms and thighs . Classes are a hight intensity workout, combining a variety of creative physical challenges that keep you on your toes, with authentic boxing drills and combos, that keep the workout from ever getting stale. Its never the same and IT WORKS!

This workout has the added benefit of serious stress relief. Pad work and bag work allow you to forget your problems for an hour as you focus on your combos, power and speed. Like with Brazilian  jiu jitsu, this workout leave you with a huge boost in dopamine and endorphins that help manage some forms of depression, anxiety and other stress related aliments.

All of our programs are appropriate for beginners with no experience as our coaches have developed formats that challenge all levels by allowing you to go at your own pace and with their support, push your individual limits.





Chie Modes is a boxing coach and a certified Personal Trainer. He started his boxing journey almost 20 years ago, as a personal workout while living in the Philippines. He quickly developed a passion for it, and soon moved on to teaching. Over the years Chie has worked with athletes and amateur fighters, as well as many beginners just getting started on their fitness journey.

Chie loves working with people and gets true satisfaction from helping them reach their fitness goals. He uses boxing workout routines and techniques to create a fun and challenging workout, and gets excited about working with each and every new client that comes to his classes.



Ryan started in jiu jitsu, boxing  and Muay Thai at 11 years old and has since been practicing all of his life. He believes in being very involved in his classes so they know he is training as hard as they are. When you come to Ryans class don’t expect a boot camp where someone is yelling at you to push yourself harder than you want to be pushed. He leaves that ype of instruction for competition athletes doesn’t believe people need the added worry in their lives.  His class runs on good vibes and sweat; when everyone in the room is working hard it is natural not to want to be the weak link so you will push yourself without someone telling you to.