4points After School

4Points after school programing is geared towards kids who show an interest in martial arts and sports as well as performing arts and creativity. Our well structured curriculum is designed to provide your child with a well rounded learning experience through a variety of developmental activities and skill building exercises. We alot time each day to helping kids with their homework and providing them with an opportunity to practice academics that may need some work.

All 4 Points youth curriculum have been developed by BJJ World champion and Gemini Award winning actress Ayisha Issa. 4Points After School Club is a unique opportunity to cultivate a high level of skill and proficiency in both the physical and creative realms and without the stress of having to run to different extra curricular programs throughout Toronto on a weekly basis.

BONUS: Our instructors speak English & French, Spanish & / or Portuguese

Kids looking to build confidence, leadership skills and who wish to explore their talents and abilities are well suited for our programs. In order to maintain a higher stander of learning and development, we opt to keep our groups small and focus our attention on Maximum of 10 students on any given day/week. These elements and many more make 4Points kids Camps one of a kind in Toronto.

Pick your start date and register bellow or join us for a trial week of regular classes to get a feel for how we operate and what makes us different!

our Instructors

Our instructors are a passionate collective of working film and TV professionals. With years of on set experience, training, notable credits and award nominations, you'll have access to the knowledge and support of individuals who are not only skilled and talented actors, but who have made a career of it and want to help you do the same.



Monday to Thursday - 45mins

Kids receive guidance with homework (in English & French) and if no homework is assigned, reading, workbooks, quiet time or drawing is encouraged.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Mondays & Wednesdays - 1h

With the help of BJJ World Champion instructors:

  • Encourage the development of a positive mindset towards challenge as a building block in confidence

  • Put an emphasis on the value of commitment and effort over outcome and show them how to use β€œfailure” as a tool in long term success

  • Foster important life skills like preparation, perseverance, resilience, self evaluation, goal setting and leadership

  • Build on important self defense concepts and techniques, through repetition

  • Build agility, coordination, reaction time and athleticism

  • Kids learn to follow instructions, are encouraged to ask questions and will learn to work independently, all while having fun with their friend.

Muay Thai

Tuesdays & Fridays - 45mins

With the help of Muay Thai World Champion instructors:

  • Build Coordination

  • Develop Physical Fitness & agility

  • Blow off steam stress

  • Train Reaction time

  • Flexibility

  • Learn basic Fitness


Thursdays - 1h

Under the Guidance of Worming professionals:

  • Improvisation Exercises Games

  • Audition Skills for Film / TV

  • Public Speaking

  • Scenes & Character breakdown / Comprehension

  • Posture & Body Language Exercises & Games

  • Memorization techniques & Games

  • Dance & Choreography