about the owners

4Points is what you get when you combine a BJJ Black Belt and jack of all trades with a BJJ Brown Belt/actress…also a jack of all trades.

David and Ayisha have a combined 21 years of experience in BJJ with Brazilian Top Team as both international competitors and instructors. With backgrounds in film & tv, science, technology and the arts, the couple set out to conceptualize and create a unique experience and community within the landscape of Toronto. Settling in Toronto's Midtown neighborhood of Leaside, they took an idea and a dream and committed to turning it into something they could share with the public. Today 4POINTS is a BJJ academy, an ACTOR Studio, a community, a club house and a vision that continues to grow and evolve with new members and ideas.



4PBJJ started on Laird in September of 2016. 9 months later, we gave birth to the 4P CLUBHOUSE: a not so secret training bunker hidden in the heart of the Bayview village. We converted an old dry cleaning warehouse into a 2000sqft training facility and clubhouse to better serve our growing community. With David's backgound in engineering and handyman skills, and Ayisha's background in design and project execution, we are proud to say a large majority of the work was done by ourselves and our students. 


4Points Actor Studio

  • 3 point lighting, warm or cool + ring light + back light

  • Grey, aubergine, blue, emerald, ivory and purple backdrops

  • Canon M50 recording

  • Directional Mic

  • Makeup

  • TV

  • Video Editing



  • 900sqft of premium DAX tatamis

  • Complete workout area

  • High density wall mats

  • Male and female change rooms

  • Clear story windows 

  • 400sqft mezzanine lounge with library

  • Charging station

  • Custom merch station




"TRO'II& PARADISOH are dual interior mural installations painted for 4Points BJJ. The artwork was created to instill energy and dynamism into the space while allowing the students to maintain focus during training. The exterior wall serves as a portal one walks through to enter the training facility where the wall pieces shift, move, break apart and reassemble in front of your eyes."

World Renound Toronto street artist