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Hubert Boorder- Fight Coordinator

We got him guys!!! Shadow Hunters is wrapping up for the season while Star Trek ( the biggest show in Toronto right now) is in prep. That means that the fight coordinator for both those shows is not only (kinda) available but fully into hosting a workshop for you guys!

Aside from building and developing fights for both of these  huge productions, this man has also doubled for Vin Diesel, Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa, so needless to say he’s gathered a wealth of practical information and skills over the last 20 years,  We are so grateful he’s willing to share!  His complete list of skills, training and credits are extensive and to be honest, Im trying to post this before the event completely sells out, so  but feel free to check them out by clicking on the link bellow.

Hubert Boorder is hosting 2 day workshop that will follow the same format as that of John Stead, however while John focused on the angles, Hubert will be focused more heavily on the REACTIONS you need to know (and perfect) in order to sell your shots. He will also go over how to build a basic action demo when you don’t have any credited content and if you are into it, we’ll hold a demo building workshop at some point as well. 


JOHN STEAD - Stunt Coordinator / TV & Film Director


John Stead is a Canadian director and stunt coordinator, who has directed on Designated Survivor, Dark Matter, Bitten, Lost Girl, XIII and Mutant X  to name a few.

He has co-odinated the action sequences for more than 500 film & tv episodes all over the world and performed stunts on over 250 TV episodes and films. He has over 600 professional theater credits as a fight director both in Canada and internationally, including 20 seasons as the fight director for the Shaw festival and is in his 25th season as head of stage combat for the Stratford Festival of Canada. He has taught at the Birmingham Conservatory, the Universities of Toronto, Waterloo, Humber and Wilfred Laurier, and has an international reputation for creating exciting action and molding solid, well respected performers of all levels.

He is a member of the Society of Canadian Fight Directors. Stage Combat Coordinator for The National Theater School, a registered stunt coordinator with ACTRA  and a Master Instructor-Emeritus with the Academy of Dramatic Combat.


4Points FILM & Tv


4PBJJ Purple Belt & co-owner Ayisha Issa, also maintains a thriving acting career appearing in several Canadian and American films, TV shows and video games.  These areas of experience, skill and passion, along a wealth of talented and knowledgeable connections, lead to the creation of our 4Points Film & TV Program.

4Points is excited to bring you a variety of oppertunities to learn "REEL" and practical performance skills, that can serve you in your pursuit of a career in acting and action, for film & TV.





AYISHA ISSA- Program Coordinator

Ayisha Issa is professional tv, film & video game actress. She is also a 2x Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion and one of the owners and instructors at 4Points BJJ. Ayisha is the program coordinator for this program and works one on one with individuals looking to shop for agents or attend auditions.

Ayisha Started her career in the Hollywood Blockbuster Immortals,   more recently, she completed six season as a lead on the majority successful Québec series Unite 9 and is internationally known for playing the bad girl in ,  Brick Mansions.

In 2017 Ayisha Filmed "The Humming bird project" opposite Jesse Eisenberg, performed the motion capture performance for the new X-MEN Dark Phoenix villain played by Jessica Chastain and held 4 episode arc on the Syfy show Dark Matter. This year she kicks off 2018  working as a lead on a video game and will be joining a Netflix project.

When she’s not on set, Ayisha devotes her time to developing, managing and teaching at 4P. All in all, she's is a hard working driven person and she is passionately committed to helping others achieve their goals on set and in life.